Farmland prices decreased by 17% in first half of 2018. Based on statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture it becomes evident that 477 transactions took place in the first six months. This is 4% more than in 2017, but the area being commercialized (82.000 hectares) is 13% less. The total amount is 254 M USD. The average price per hectare was 3.094 USD which is 17% lower than the same period in 2017. Statistics include all transactions of land of 10 hectares or more.

Interesting to see is that 66% of all parcels over 1.000 hectares being sold are used for forestry, 23% for livestock and 11% for cropping. This shows an increase in cattle land which partly explains the decrease of the average price per hectare.

Almost half of the transactions took place in Rocha, Tacuarembó and Lavalleja with average prices ranging from 2.400 to 2.800 USD per hectare. The most productive (and expensive) soils in San José, Soriano and Colonia were sold at average prices of 7.044, 6.231 and 5.703 USD per hectare.  Average prices were the lowest in Cerro Largo (2.069) and Salto (2.192).