Farmland prices 2017

The final data of farmland transaction in 2017 are available. The records refer to 50 transactions that were presented to the Institute of Colonization. These are transactions for plots of more than 500 hectares and CONEAT 100 or more. The overall area transferred is 69.070 hectares. Considerably less than in 2016 when 98.618 hectares were sold or 2015 with 70.419 hectares. The average price per hectare is $ 3.906 USD which is below the average of last year $ 3.945 USD. As compared to 2016 we see less transactions covering less area at a lower average price.Interesting is that this year there were more transaction in the west of the country, Paysandú, Rio Negro and Soriano. Farms with row crop cultivation were sold with attractive discounts on the original asking price. Cattle farms in the north, Tacuarembó and Cerro Largo reached prices close to 2.000 USD per hectare.

The construction of the future UPM pulp mill in central Uruguay near Paso de los Toros is also reason for investors to look at properties in that area.

This list does not include the largest transaction of Weyerhauser Uruguay in 2017. The sale of 120.000 hectares of timberland and industry of Weyerhauser Uruguay to an international consortium led by BTG Pactual was the largest farmland transaction in Uruguayan history. The total price was 402,5 M USD.

It can be deducted from the full list of transactions that average prices are:

cattle land 2.000 to 3.500 USD per hectare

forestry land 3.000 USD per hectare for non-planted area and approx. 4.000 USD for planted

mix of crop, timber and cattle land 4.000 to 6.500 USD per hectare

crop land 6.000 to 9.000 USD per hectare (75% or more suitable for cropping)


Prices vary depending on soils and location.

Apart from these general references there can be a plus on the prices when there is an important farmhouse or when the property is located near a city like Montevideo, Punta del Este or Colonia del Sacramento.

Upon request we can present more data and explanations on soil quality and other important factors in determination of prices. We carry out property appraisals for international investors who seek a ´second opinion´.