An online survey carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture during the last trimester of 2020 shows that Uruguay has 6.195 hectares and 197 active olive plantations. Most of these plantations (80%) are located in the eastern part of the country, Maldonado. Nearly all of this production is used for olive oils, 99%.

It is estimated there are approximately 1.7 M olive trees in the country of different varieties. The most common variety is Arbequina which covers 47% of all trees. Other varieties we find in Uruguay are for example Coratina, Picual and Frantoio. Last year´s harvest yielded 1.931.746 kg of olives, which is an average of 364 kg per hectare. After processing, this led to 322.489 liters of olive oil. For domestic consumption was 46% with a price of 259 pesos per liter (approx. 6 USD) and exports received a price of  2.518 USD per ton.