ANGLO Meat Uruguay

UNESCO has selected a new site in Uruguay to be World Heritage. The Old Town of Colonia del Sacramento already had this status and now the former ANGLO industrial site in Fray Bentos has been awarded with this distinction.

The Anglo complex is another example of the influence of foreign investors who created companies in Uruguay between the nineteenth and twentieth century’s.

The company was created by Liebig in 1873 and was renamed ANGLO in 1924 when it changed owners.  Throughout its existence the company produced corned beef, which came to be used to feed the British soldiers in the Second World War.

The site consists of the facilities of the old ¨Anglo industrial complex¨, its docks on the Uruguay River, the slaughterhouse, grazing areas for livestock, a school and the former residences of workers and managers, as well as a park.

It was finally closed in 1979 and it now houses the Museum of the Industrial Revolution and a branch of the National University.

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