Agro-business investments Uruguay

Agro-industry in Uruguay continues to drive economy forward is the title in a special report issued by World Folio and distributed by USA Today. This report mentions the privileged position of Uruguay in the South American region.  Examples of new investments in agro-industry are available to proof this statement.

Multinational UPM from Finland is to start their second pulp mill in Uruguay. An investment of 4.000 M USD in the area of Paso de los Toros in a radius of 25 km of the intersection of Route 5 and river Rio Negro. This will become the largest pulp mill in Uruguay. The construction of roads and railways is an important requirement to get the project rolling.

Hammoudeh from Palestina plans to invest 30 M USD in a new dairy factory in Florida, Uruguay. This factory will produce dairy products in accordance with halal procedures and export 90% of the products to Arabs in Latin and Central America. The factory is expected to employ 90 persons and process 50.000 liters of milk on a daily basis.

A large innovative dairy farm is going to be started by group of investors from Argentina and Venezuela (Sandit S.A.). Just like the Palestine group this investment project in dairy is also going to take place in Florida near Mendoza. This project is aimed at primary production and processing of the milk on-site. The project consists of the construction of three large stables and rotational milking system. It is a 14 M USD investment in factory for cheeses for exports.